Understanding GEP-NET

What Is a GEP-NET?

In order to better understand GEP-NET, it is important to first understand NET, a neuroendocrine tumor.

NET is a rare type of cancer that can occur in different areas throughout the body, often in the small intestine, pancreas, and rectum. NETs form in neuroendocrine cells, which make hormones. Some of these tumors make extra amounts of hormones that may cause symptoms such as flushing and diarrhea. Not all NETs are the same. They can be different in size, and some types grow faster than others.

Diagram of the pancreas, duodenum, large intestine, and small intestine.

GEP-NET is a rare type of tumor that can grow in various areas of the gut, such as the stomach, small intestine, rectum, colon, appendix, or pancreas.

GEP-NETs are usually slow growing. Some people with a NET may have symptoms, while others may have no symptoms at all.

A GEP-NET patient may or may not have signs or symptoms in the early stages of their cancer