Radiation Safety

Helpful Considerations While on Treatment With LUTATHERA

Your health care professional will provide you with information to help minimize radiation exposure to those around you while you are on treatment with LUTATHERA. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind. Guidelines for minimizing radiation exposure may vary depending on the health care professional and/or facility.


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Using the toilet

  • For a few days after you receive LUTATHERA, use the toilet in a seated position, even for men, and use toilet paper each time

  • For a few days after you receive LUTATHERA, flush toilet paper and/or wipes down the toilet and flush twice

  • Wash your hands every time you use the toilet

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  • Daily showering is recommended for at least the first few days after receiving LUTATHERA

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If a caretaker helps you in the bathroom, they should wear disposable gloves for the first few days after you are given LUTATHERA.


It is important to follow the safety guidelines provided to you by your health care professional or treatment facility.