Additional Information After Receiving LUTATHERA

What to Know After Each Treatment With LUTATHERA


At the treatment center

LUTATHERA is a nuclear medicine therapy. While you are taking LUTATHERA, you will be kept away from other patients in the hospital to limit their exposure. Your family members and caregivers might be allowed to stay with you during your treatment, but they may be asked to leave while LUTATHERA is being given.


After leaving the treatment center

Your nuclear medicine doctor will provide further instructions to help minimize radiation exposure to others. You should always follow your health care professional's instructions.

Treatment Card

treatment card

Your nuclear medicine doctor may fill out a LUTATHERA treatment card and give it to you after treatment. This card will list your name, the amount of medicine that you received, and a hospital contact name and phone number. You should keep this card with you after your treatment, especially if you are traveling through an airport.


"You should drink plenty of fluids on the day before, the day of, and the day after you receive LUTATHERA. Generally the more you urinate the faster you will get rid of the excess radiation from your body."